KITP Program on tunable 2D materials

June 01, 2023

Tunable Two-Dimensional Materials: Moiré and Beyond
Coordinators: Erez Berg, Eslam Khalaf, Jed Pixley, Raquel Queiroz, and Andrea Young; Scientific Advisors: Liang Fu and Jie Shan

This program will focus on the rapidly developing field of two-dimensional van der Waals materials, which offer unprecedented tunability over the band structure and have now become one of the most exciting venues to observe exotic correlated and topological phenomena. The program will bring together experts from theory and experiment to discuss open questions and challenges in existing van der Waals materials ranging from multi-layer graphene (either twisted or crystalline), twisted or stacked transition metal dichalcogenides, single-layer cuprate superconductors, and 2D quantum magnets. There will be a focus on novel theoretical approaches to the moiré problem such as mapping to heavy fermion systems, tensor networks, quantum Monte Carlo, or dynamical mean field theory. The program will also explore new frontiers in moiré systems such as light-matter interactions, twisted magnets and superconductors, and synthetic moiré materials, with the ultimate goal of finding a unifying framework for the richness of experimentally observed phenomena and proposing new platforms with qualitatively different phenomenology.

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