Aspen Summer program

October 12, 2023

June 16 - July 7 Quantum Matter Through the Lens of Moiré Materials

Philip Kim, Harvard University
Eslam Khalaf, Harvard University
Jed Pixley, Rutgers University
*Raquel Queiroz, Columbia University

Experimental advances in the ability to grow, isolate, twist, and stack two-dimensional materials have ushered in a new era in condensed matter physics. The moire patterns formed by stacking and twisting two lattices bring an immense tunability of quantum phases to two-dimensional materials, which are rapidly becoming the most exciting playground for the observation of exotic correlated phenomena. The goal of this workshop is to bring together current and future leaders in condensed matter physics, both experimental and theoretical, to discuss the rapid development of this novel class of quantum matter. An important theme of the workshop will focus on connections to other subfields to find creative solutions to open problems. The program will focus on pressing theoretical and experimental questions, such as the nature of the correlated states and the importance of topology, novel experimental techniques, pathways to the realization of long-sought quantum phases, and the identification of new twisted systems yet to be explored.


Applications here (Deadline January 31, 2024):